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The Crayfish Trail
The Crayfish Trail Company as you see it today has come from a long history involving a range of stakeholders.

The route along which the trail runs was developed as part of a project funded through, the then, Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism. This route was originally meant to link a series of community owned and run guesthouses and has over the years morphed into a hybrid of community development and private business.


The Crayfish Trail Company has launched a limited series of discounted trial runs, which means our clients will be pioneers of the new routes, and provide feedback that will be incorporated into trail design. Come with an open mind, a sense of adventure and your wildest expectations will surely be met!

The Crayfish Trail Company is committed to taking ‘responsible’ and ‘sustainable’ tourism to the next level. We have made provision for substantial local community shareholding in the Crayfish Trail Company. We believe in transforming the tourism sector through capacity building, immersion, interaction, inclusion of local businesses, and equity. We are committed to seeing tourism in coastal communities become a sustainable alternative livelihood and one whose benefits impact those that are willing to work for it. Through this process, which encourages exposure to both natural and social environment, opportunities are created which allow small businesses to develop and allow the process of benefit sharing – with the Crayfish Trail as a central node.


We firmly believe that ‘local is lekker’ and that there is no one better to hear about this coast than a person who lives there. South Africa has a rich yet complex history, and one which we should not hide from, it is thus important to acknowledge the goods and the bads of our journey to democracy.


The food and wine along the West Coast is one of the reasons the Crayfish Trail is unforgettable. Once again we are committed to locally grown and sustainably caught seafood. We are helping community entrepreneurs like the fishing boat owners and woman who are cooks to build their own businesses. Part of our vision is to offer ‘home-stay’ accommodation as an option for our guests. We, together with AbangAfrica are looking for funding to run a series of workshops geared toward equipping home owners toward hosting guests.

We wish to strike a balance between the history, culture, adventure, wildlife, and luxury living that the West Coast has to offer.

After all, there is no coast like the West Coast.


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Bring your family and friends and let us walk together while learning about the rich culture, enjoying delicious cuisine and the overall spirit of the magnificent West Coast on South Africa’s very own Crayfish Trail!

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West Coast


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Accommodation, all meals, transport of luggage (and guests when needed), a local guide and daily activities.